“Your community of engineers allows you to submit a lot of good profiles really fast.”
About WOO Network
WOO Network is a fast-growing fintech startup and a deep liquidity network incubated by Kronos Research.
The network powers WOO X, a professional trading platform featuring fully customizable modules, and lower to ZERO-FEE trading complete with deep liquidity sourced from the network.
Work Process
We started working with WOO Network at the beginning of 2022, when they had just opened their Polish office. WOO’s goal was to create a second big hub in Poland, next to their HQ in Taiwan, as they envisioned the core of their European engineering team located in Europe.
Averaging around $5-10 billion of daily trading volume on global cryptocurrency exchanges, WOO Network's mission is to empower individuals with the right to freely trade, invest, borrow and lend to better their lives.
Being an early stage startup, WOO Network was looking for senior engineers to build their core team. They needed self-motivated, top notch engineers invested in the product, good at communication, collaboration and able to work in autonomous teams.
After we started working with them earlier this year, we helped them hire 3 senior developers - 2 Backend Java Engineers and 1 Frontend React Engineer.
How did we do it
  • Dedicated email campaigns to our database of more than 200k software engineers
  • Open roles distributed across our social media channels and network of affiliate job distribution partners;
  • Active sourcing on Linkedin, GitHub, etc.;
  • Constant and direct communication via Slack.
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Python, Java, React
Tech Stack
Fintech, Crypto Exchange, Web3
Interviews done
Engineers hired
Why has WOO Network decided to work with external recruitment agencies?
In Asia, WOO has a very good employer brand and a big recruitment team. Because we recently opened our new office here in Poland, we don't have an employer brand here yet. When entering a new market, especially without a team of internal recruiters, you need help with sourcing the candidates.
What do you appreciate most about working with us?
Anastasia Konovalova
Technical Recruiter at WOO Network
Is the cultural fit of a candidate really important to you?
First it’s the high quality of the candidates you source. I also really like the way WorksHub recruiters always try to be in contact with their candidates. Because they have a really great connection with the candidates, they can give us insightful information we couldn’t get overwise.
Yes, we’re trying to find people who are not only WOO Network-oriented, but also product oriented in general. There are a lot of engineers who have an outsource mindset and not a very growth mindset. They work on some project, they have done it and that's it. We need someone a little bit more dedicated to what they do. Someone who cares about the product, about the customers in general. This is what we are trying to find, and most candidates you provided do have this product mindset.
What has been the impact of working with us for your team?
Also when you work as a recruiter at a product company, you always have a lot of things going on, offer approvals, organisational stuff, etc. Therefore you don't always have the opportunity to source candidates. That’s why we needed this additional help. At the moment, WorksHub is the only company we’re working with to help us hire software engineers.
For example, we recently had a case with a candidate who had very high expectations. When we brought it up to the recruiter we’re working with, he got back to us with a whole list of candidate requirements, including his base salary, bonuses, etc. As an internal recruiter, you can't just go to the candidate and ask some of these questions so openly, so I really appreciate that in external recruiters.
WorksHub has created almost half of the engineering team we have right now. The engineers you brought in are now interviewing other engineers.
We definitely value this because we need people who are really product oriented. And the recruiters try to find this in the candidates they send us. I think that the community of engineers you created helps you with the ability to submit a lot of good profiles really fast.
I also appreciate that your team usually negotiates tricky cases with the candidates. It could be offer approvals, compensation negotiations, some feedback from the candidates etc. Moreover, everything is done in a very timely manner.
Overall I think you're great - high quality of the candidates and everything done in a timely manner! And I do like the empathy you bring, you don't feel like external recruiters, but actual recruitment business partners for us, because you're thinking about the business we are doing and the product we’re trying to build and that works perfectly for us!
Although I’m really picky - all the candidates that WorksHub brought in were wonderful.
You not only provide very high-quality candidates but also try to screen for both technical skills and cultural fit.
If there’s an issue with a candidate, I can just text the recruiter and they come back with “I’m solving this” right away.
We know it works. We’ve done it a thousand times.
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